We have launched The Lip Lab Secret Society - an exclusive membership area only open twice a year to a select few.

Inside you will find all of our mixing videos, deconstructed designer name videos, discontinued lipsticks being remade, articles on all things lipstick and foundation related from some of the industry’s best known writers and more!

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So what do you get inside The Lip Lab Secret Society? Well, where do we start?

Firstly, as we mentioned you'll be getting access to all of our mixing videos. We won't be sharing these any longer on our socials and for a few reasons... We kind of went AWOL on them for the last year as we had some really bad trolling on them. Yep, can you believe it? Some people just love to hate but for the staff who put these together it became too much.

We also had some of our competitors copy us straight after with exact same colours  (which we are secretly chuffed at) but we got to thinking let's only show these to those of you who really really love us!

So every time we mix a video, we will swatch with the leftover and carefully case the lipstick and set aside.

At the end of each month we are going to give away the entire months lipstick creations for 1 lucky subscriber.

No matter where in the world you live, we will box it nicely and post to the lucky recipient for FREE! That’s a month of lipstick FREE! Certainly worth your $10 a month if you’re a Founding Member.

But it gets better!

As soon as you sign up, we will email you a voucher for $10 to use in our online store anytime in the following 30 days. Be patient with us as when we launch it will get crazy and it could take up to 24 hours to get your voucher. That’s right, i'm giving you $10 to spend straight away in our online store so really you could say, your first month is very much economical.

Secondly, you will be getting to watch our videos like in a true Secret Society, no one on the outside will be seeing these!

You'll be reading lots and lots of cool articles we have had especially sourced and written exclusively for The Lip Lab Secret Society! You won't see these articles popping up anywhere else. We scoured the earth for 5 of the best beauty writers and they were all happy to write for us.

We are going to be deconstructing some big name lipsticks and remaking them with our pigments. Every high-end luxury lipstick you can think of, we will break them down and recreate. If you have some favourites, let us know and we will include them!

And we will be introducing you to our team and going behind the scenes in our store and our warehouse to show you where the magic happens..

It really is never ending!

See you on the other side, inside THE LIP LAB SECRET SOCIETY x

Monthly monthly - JOIN NOW!

Yearly membership - JOIN NOW!